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Gmail app doesn't update when low on storage

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  1. qute

    qute New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 22, 2010
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    Wow, the gmail app on android really sucks.

    If you get "low" on memory which is <10% free - gmail app stops
    working. It doesn't update and you can't refresh your account
    Using the internet browser on gmail.com works fine. But slower of
    course since it has to download the page and so on.

    This means there is 10% of my space I can't use.
    That's very very annoying.

    Another app for mail maybe?
    I'd like it to get the mail in the background. So when I open the app it's there and I don't need to wait for it to load a page.

    I went to gmail app. Menu -> refresh -> nothing.
    Removed "low on storage" warning.
    gmail app. Menu -> refresh -> the mails I saw on my PC was there.



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