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Gmail app not loading conversationsSupport

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  1. Jarpee

    Jarpee Well-Known Member

    Gmail won't load conversations for a day. Keeps saying no connection. I have cleared data but this hasn't resolved the problem. I can't figure out how to re install gmail either if I remove it. Any ideas?

  2. wrigglesworth

    wrigglesworth Well-Known Member


    I'm increasingly not liking this phone! After less than a week with it as my first smart phone (I'm a Palm refugee) nothing I try seems to work easily or straightforwardly, apart from keying in a number and pressing "call", and I had that functionality on the first phone I owned in 1995!
  3. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Check Settings > Accounts and Sync and make sure Google is set to Sync. If so, press the account and make sure all boxes are checked (calendar/contacts/Gmail) with Gmail being the suspect at hand.
  4. TNTNT

    TNTNT New Member

    Any other ideas as I am having the same problem. No matter what I do it says no connection. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. dscribe

    dscribe Well-Known Member

    To reinstall gmail after removing it, just go to android market and get it again.
  6. dscribe

    dscribe Well-Known Member

    The more a device can do, the more involved it is likely to be to work with. Also, us human beings tend to be somewhat change resistant. You can either stick with it and become an incredible androidite like us or you could go back to your Palm I suppose if you like that better. There are both pros and cons to Palm vs. Android. Isn't it great that life gives us choices!?
  7. dscribe

    dscribe Well-Known Member

    I am assuming you guys have wifi, mobile network, and sync all turned on and you have the gmail app available for download from market? It should work..I've not had a problem with it. If I run across something more I'll be glad to share though.
  8. dryslot

    dryslot Member

    Unfortunately I am joining the group with the endless "loading conversations" message. I've had the incredible for about two weeks now and flawless operation with gmail. Not sure if I hit some button inadvertently and screwed it up, but all the settings folks above noted are set correctly on my phone.

    Very frustrating because until this is cleared up, I can't send any email.
  9. dryslot

    dryslot Member

    Ok, I appear to have solved the mystery. From your home page, go to:

    Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Gmail

    In this menu, click on "Clear Data". You may also want to "Clear Cache" too. I tried that first, and it didn't help. Then I went back and hit Clear Data.

    You will receive a warning that all files, settings, etc. will be lost. I thought that meant I would have to set up Gmail all over again, which at this point I didn't really care since I was prepared to uninstall it anyway. However, I did not have to set up and reconfigure it again.

    It started up just fine, with my email account in tact, and seems to be just dandy.

    Good luck, hope this helps.
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  10. morenasangre

    morenasangre New Member

    That worked for me...but I had to go into both Gmail and Gmail storage on my apps list and clear Data for both before the error message disappeared.
  11. pistonfree

    pistonfree Member

    Anyone know if they fixed this in froyo? It's an absolutely frustrating bug.
  12. KREWzer

    KREWzer Member

    I noticed my problems with this after froyo. :(
    For the inbox it seems to help if I sync all.

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