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gmail attachments won't download.

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  1. jager1313

    jager1313 Member

    I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue?

    I am running virtuous 3.1 and incredible revolution theme.

    I am exclusively using Gmail with one account linked.

    I am trying to preview, or download the attachment, and the dialog screen continues to say "Fetching Attachment".

    The attachements I am trying to open are tiny, one was a 3kB VCard. The other was a 20kB word file.

    I want to see if this is a known problem before I reflash.

  2. istrebitjel

    istrebitjel New Member

    Is it possible that you have Astro installed and set "Enable Browser Downloader" to enabled? That's a known cause for failing gmail attachment downloads...
  3. jager1313

    jager1313 Member

    Actually I was using Autostart and I think thats what screwed me up. I had it set to close a bunch of programs.

    I ended up doing a fresh install of 3.2. Running great. all attachments work.

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