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Gmail filter for this forum?

  1. raphytaffy

    raphytaffy Well-Known Member

    Subscribed to a few threads and these emails keep popping up in my inbox even though I created a filter to send them to the appropriate label.

    from Android Forums <<robjackson81@yahoo.com>
    reply-to Android Forums <<robjackson81@yahoo.com>,
    ">" <phases78@gmail.com>
    subject Reply to thread 'Official Droid Wallpaper Of The Day! Whats Yours?!'
    mailed-by zeus.made2own.com

    Which email address should I be filtering here? I've tried robjackson81@yahoo.com, phases78@gmail.com, and even zeus.made2own.com. None seem to work.

  2. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    what i have is an email address set up with yahoo that receives all commubications that come from the various forums i am a member of. this stops my main email address from being flooded with forum related emails

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