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gmail inbox showing 1 unread message

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  1. redman722

    redman722 Active Member

    Does anyone know why gmail shows 1 unread message when there arent any? Ive checked my accounts and there are no unread messages. any way to clear this. Its just annoying!

  2. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

    Have you tried clearing the cache?

    Menu>Settings> applications>Manage applications>(takes a moment or two to load) scroll to the gmail app, clear cahce
  3. redman722

    redman722 Active Member

    I have cleared the cache under settings. is there a gmail cache to clear?
  4. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

    I have "Gmail" and "Gmail storage", both have clear cache options.

    edit, there are also "Mail", and "Mail Widget" apps with clear cache.
  5. redman722

    redman722 Active Member

    Thanks guys. Ill try to see if i can find where it is. Any hints?

    Edit: I changed gmail sync settings to 1 day and refreshed. that cleared the 1 unread message. Not really sure what that did or what that setting is for but it worked. thanks to all!
  6. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

    Menu>Settings> applications>Manage applications>(takes a moment or two to load) and scroll to the apps I mentioned.
    redman722 likes this.
  7. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

    Glad you were able to fix it, things like that drive me nuts also! :D
  8. Rube8514

    Rube8514 Well-Known Member

    also, i had this issue. I was using the gmail app for the hero and it always said that i had 1 or 2 unread messages but in the app it showed 0 messages. When into gmail.com and signed in, waalaah...1 unread message from like a week earlier...just read it and in the gmail app, the message went away.
  9. Sos710m

    Sos710m Member

    It'll happen again. I cleared mine the same way (by manually syncing) and another email got caught a few days later. It's always my secondary POP mail that gets caught. I still can't figure out how to KEEP it from happening.
  10. midders

    midders New Member

    Hi there,

    Know I'm resurrecting an old thread, but have recently had this problem and found a possible cause and solution.

    I use IMAP to access my gmail account from multiple PC's and other devices and often see 1 or more unread emails indicated when the inbox on my mobile (HTC Desire) is empty. By chance the other day, I was using one of my other PC's and opened Thunderbird to find that the inbox had two unread emails in it which I had already deleted from my mobile inbox; when I deleted these emails and opened gmail on my mobile the inbox was now showing 0 unread emails as it should.

    To summarise I believe that this is a problem caused by using IMAP to synchronise email on multiple devices, when one device is not completely synched and can be resolved by refreshing your inbox on all devices on which you access email.



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