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Gmail & Marketplace stopped workingSupport

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  1. antatoo

    antatoo Member

    I,m not sure if I've done something or its just happened but I've had a Zenithink ZT 180 for well over a year now, and after not using it for a month or so, my Gmail account won't sync & I can't get onto marketplace.
    Everything else appart from google works - even my Chrome lite app still works.
    I hope someone can help.
    I'm not very techy so please be gentle with your answers :eek:

    Very confused

  2. bugspot1

    bugspot1 New Member

    I have EXACTLY the same problem.
    I last used my pad Dec22, 2012. When I started using again, gmail would never update or send mail. I found that I could not reach ANY google related product. I cannot even access google.com in browser. I CAN reach gmail through the browser and use in limited mobile mode.

    I have rest to factory settings and still no luck. Everything works, every site works on browser except google related.

    A can log into youtube account on browser but youtube app has same problem.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  3. antatoo

    antatoo Member

    Have you found any sites where you can download apps without google?
    It's drving me mad because they all seem to direct you to google play :confused:
  4. guestieboy

    guestieboy Member

    Hi guys go here and register choose the ZT-180 and it explains how to solve this problem and has a great rom there too. sorted it for me big time.

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