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Gmail not 100% in sync on HTC Magic

  1. niemi

    niemi New Member

    If I read an email on my PC, then I want it to appear read on my HTC Magic too. The preinstalled gmail "app" notify my (in the top of screen) that I have a new mail even though I have opened it and even replied on my pc.

    How come? And how can it be fixed?

  2. kilikas

    kilikas Active Member

    Sometimes i have the same problem, but sometimes no -> it shows me that i have already read that message, i really don't know if this can be fixed. But if i wait for 15 minutes than it shows correctly.
  3. niemi

    niemi New Member

    Yes, i found out to that you just have to give it some time to get in sync. When I first set up my phone I could set the google sync update interval. Can't find that option anymore, anyone know where it is?

    Edit: Thinking about it one more time, I don't think that this option exists. Must be something I remember from when I had a HTC Touch :)

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