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Gmail Not Sending/ReceivingSupport

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  1. taylormokris

    taylormokris Member

    Woke up this morning after charging Thunderbolt last night, and had no emails (very rare for overnight, never happened in fact). Not able to send or receive emails in the Gmail app on the phone currently. Sync is turned on. Any ideas?

  2. angel35

    angel35 Member

    If you have road runner they have some poblems with there severs. you have to call them they will try to fix it for :cool:You might be better off going to a Verizon tech for a fix. Thats what i did. I had the problem too
  3. taylormokris

    taylormokris Member

    Not sure what you mean. My thunderbolt cell phone is not syncing with Gmail. This is not a internet provider issue, but a sync issue...
  4. angel35

    angel35 Member

    Im sorry I did not read your post right
  5. WormDoes

    WormDoes Well-Known Member

    I'm having issue with the gmail app as well. I cleared cache and data and still not getting notifications
  6. magaman

    magaman New Member

    I've also been trying to figure out this issue. Sometimes it syncs well other times gmail just won't sync and I'll have to do it manually. And it's really strange when I go into Accounts/Sync and look at when it last ran a sync Calendar and Contacts will have done a sync recently but Email didn't.
  7. Karuk

    Karuk Well-Known Member

    Me too.

    Manual sync using gmail app or no email comes in.

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