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    Nov 15, 2009
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    The notification bar not (top left of screen) is not updating after I read gmail. I get a few emails via Gmail and I see the number 2 in the top left corner of my screen. After reading the emails, the number 2 remains in the upper corner of the screen. After several hours it seems to update and clear to blank as I would expect immediately after reading the email. This has been an ongoing problem when I was on the HTC stock ROM and now ROOT Evil Eris.

    GMAIL settings are: Sync Gmail = Y, Email notifications = Y
    GENERAL settings are: Auto Sync = Y, Background data = Y

    The only thing I see that seems unusual to me is that when I press Gmail, menu, accounts I see a screen that displays:

    Gmail 1 account [2]

    Add Account

    Any ideas?


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