Gmail notifications vibrate, even though I have vibrate turned off.Support

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  1. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    My previous HTC phones had no problem with this function. I want Gmail notifications to never vibrate. Ever. When the ringer volume is up, it will work properly by using the only ringtone I have assigned it and nothing else.

    However, the malfunction occurs when my phone goes into vibrate mode when I'm in the office. Despite the proper settings, my phone will vibrate when I get a new email.

    Settings > > Notifications (checked) > Inbox sound & vibrate
    > Label notifications (checked)
    > Vibrate (unchecked)
    > Notify for every message (checked)

  2. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    What notification sound to you have selected in GMail, a specific sound or 'Default Ringtone' ?
    If you have Default Ringtone, I'm wondering if it's vibrating because the system default 'sound' is now a vibration.
    IF that's the way it set up, what happens if you choose a different ringtone (or even the same ringtone as the system default, just specifically chosen in GMail)?
  3. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    I wasn't using the default ringtone. I changed it and it is still vibrating.
  4. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    Well, that was my one idea, and it wasn't a good one... :)
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  5. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    I'm still hoping to get a resolution to this. Right now I am manually turning off and on notifications twice a day.
  6. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    I found the answer over on Android Central.

    So Android, the OS with the most flexibility and customizations... just got less flexible and customizable.
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  7. JFeisty

    JFeisty Well-Known Member

    I have nothing constructive to add to this....just wanted to say that this drives me absolutely crazy! I've always set up my Gmail app to never vibrate, but on this phone it cannot be done. Grrrrr.....
  8. Colchicine

    Colchicine Well-Known Member

    App settings are as follows:

    Email notifications: Checked
    Select Ringtone: one has been chosen
    Vibrate: Checked

    I don't see any notification settings under the general settings tab.

    When my phone is in vibrate mode, I never sense when I get an email. I do get the selected ringtone when I have the volume turned up.

    Is this something like the Gmail change I posted above?
  9. mdeva

    mdeva Well-Known Member

    Related problem. I don't see any way to turn ON Gmail notification (i.e. icon) and turn OFF notification sound.

    I could do this with my previous 9 Androids. No way with s3? (Aside from creating a 'null' notification - then selecting it)
  10. jjirvin

    jjirvin New Member

    Solved for my Nexus 6 w/ Lollipop: from Gmail App -> settings -> select Gmail account if more than one (must do for each) -> Notifications checked -> Inbox sound & vibrate -> Label notifications checked -> Sound -> None -> OK -> Vibrate not checked.
  11. kb0sdq

    kb0sdq Well-Known Member

    Had the same issue with my galaxy s4. What I did was turn off notifications in google hangouts
    now just the normal app sounds are active
    hope this helps,
  12. hutchi0

    hutchi0 New Member

    The secret is this. under settings /sounds/vibration intensity, you set the intensity for notifications to zero.

    Obvious - I don't think so. Sometimes you wonder if they deliberately hide things.

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