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gmail on K-9

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  1. jammy dodger

    jammy dodger Member

    Hi. I'm new here. I have 2 hotmail accounts, a gmail account, and another account. After doing some digging it seems that the only IMAP IDLE or other push-email support for hotmail is if you have a BB. There was something about a new feature coming out with the next windows live update but that is a while away.

    1. What I'm trying to do is get my gmail set up in K-9 with the IMAP IDLE. As I understand it this is near enough instant email delivery which is exactly what I need. I entered my details into K-9 using the automatic account setup. Is there a drawback to this? What about security like SSL/TLS? and authentication? And whats this about compression on Mobile/WiFi/Other networks?

    I sent an email from my hotmail to test if IMAP IDLE was working. It took a 3 minute delay for both my desktop and phone to pick up the email.

    I am running K-9 2.6 on a Hero 1.5

    2. It is likely it was just the latency between email servers at peak time, but are there any steps I could take to tune K-9 into a leaner meaner email receiver? In the options I see 1st class folders, 2nd class folders, folders to check with push, other folder options, configuring ingoing/outgoing mail servers.

    3. I understand that the 1st/2nd class are priorities but what do the above options mean for me?

    4. I'm going to forward both hotmails to my gmail. Any ideas for a better setup? Or have they tried similar and had problems?

    I am grateful for any help you can give with K-9 as info on how to get the most from it seems to be a bit thin despite it being a popular free and open source app. Thank you :)

  2. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    Push should be "instantaneous" (I rarely see anything more than 20 seconds).

    You can manually check the account settings, but I think K-9 does it just fine automatically.

    I would use the newer k-9 builds, personally. Available at their website (2711 is current test build)

    No need or benefit to "tune" the email push.

    I would try to ween myself off of the hotmail accounts and move all the accounts to gmail. In the interim, forwarding will work just fine.
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  3. jammy dodger

    jammy dodger Member

    Thank you nightfishing.

    I have been having problems with imap idle. Only 2 out of 8 emails I've had so far have been recieved without manual refresh. This was while I've had signal with no drop-out and an open mobile internet connection. I'm struggling to figure out why they aren't coming through.
    edit: all 10 emails since then have succesfully arrived on time. I guess the problem fixed itself, but I'm still trying to get to the bottom of it so it won't happen again.

    Having flicked through my mobile's settings I've noticed that I have enable always-on mobile network unticked. However this is the default setting and I haven't had noticeable problems with internet on other apps before. I will try more experiments with imap idle when I have a chance, and play with the always-on setting. Any advice?

    I have steered clear of the patches because one of the latest had a listed problem with imap idle. I will have a more thorough read of the update log later to see if the problem I'm having is featured as fixed in an update since 2.6. I am just worried of these 'beta patches' creating more problems than solving.

    I am following your advice concerning hotmail :) In the past weeks I have been thinning my hotmail accounts for switching to gmail.

    Thank you
  4. pstoric

    pstoric Active Member

    were you able to figure out if "always on mobile" mobile was the culprit? I want to have it unticked to save battery but not at the sacrifice of my email

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