Gmail on Wildfire - Truncated emails

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  1. fjdouse

    fjdouse Active Member

    (I did search without luck before posting)

    I am stuck with this (ugly) Gmail app on my HTC Wildfire. Some emails (not all) are arriving truncated - Like this exampl...

    Some emails are intact but when re-read later are truncated, but some are not touched at all and work fine, I don't see a pattern.

    As is, I cannot use this device for reliable email.

    (And please don't say it's because it's a budget phone, or I think I will cry.)

  2. fjdouse

    fjdouse Active Member


    No body else getting some emails where only a two and bit lines are showing? Nobody knows how to get the rest of the message to show?
  3. drpbier

    drpbier New Member

    Hi - I think it's the Gmail app, not the phone, and it seems to hapen when you have multiple messages in a thread - the text in older messages gets truncated. You're right, it's horrible. If you use a desktop mail client, everything's still there.

    I've seen so many comments about how Android 'does Gmail the right way'. But in this instance, I think it's kind of broken. And there are other issues, like no unified inbox, and no swipe to delete.

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