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  1. P4ND4

    P4ND4 New Member

    Hey everyone, I *just* go the Rhyme today and LOVE it. However, I'm going crazy trying to get it to accept my Gmail user/pass. It gives me this error:

    503 80345: The password and username did not authenticate with your email provider. Please try again.

    It gave me grief with my other two emails, but eventually stuck. But this one is not budging one bit. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

  2. P4ND4

    P4ND4 New Member

    So, I believe I may have solved the issue. After getting a different error stating I had 'increased security' this particular account, I realized I needed to turn on/update my 2-step Authentication in Google. I went in, deleted the old randomly generated key and generated a new one. I entered in THAT code and it worked just fine.

    I hope this works for some of you, who might be having the same issue.

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