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  1. Hoya94

    Hoya94 Member

    Hello all,

    Since Friday, my gmail won't sync and is saying no connection. Have any of you experienced this problem? How did you fix it? I have 2.1 on my Evo and this is the only gmail account I have. I haven't changed anything in settings. HELP! Thanks for your help.


  2. Are you sure you have an internet connection?
  3. ceabbott2

    ceabbott2 Well-Known Member

    Mine started on 9/10/10. But with me its the contacts inside my google account. Keeps giving "google having problems be back later" error with a red exclamation point. Jimdroid helped me. I cleared the data from contacts storage and eventually calendar when it started. A few reboots and battery pulls later no more red exclamation point it still shows syncing in the notification bar hopefully it will go away. By the way make sure you have a good back either on the google cloud server or sd card before you clear the data, you can use MyBackUp or pro version of my back up before you clear the data. Another thing before you clear data go to accounts n sync< uncheck background data and auto sync then you can clear the data, reboot or turn off and battery pull. once up and running go back and recheck auto sync and background data. Still not for sure if my problem is fixed. I put a "TEST" contact into my phone and it still hasn't shown up in my google cloud (gmail). We'll see. Good luck

  4. Hoya94

    Hoya94 Member

    Hello all. Just wanted to let you all know that I found a solution on one of the other Android phone forums here. The link is:
    I hope this works for yours too Charles. Good luck!

    Hoya. :)

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