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  1. lowlight

    lowlight New Member

    So this is my first smart phone, anyway today I finally added my gmail accounts to the gmail app and did my sync as I thought I should. A few mins later I went to make a phone call and what....99% of my numbers/contacts vanished!! Funny thing, I went to try and text someone and when text history came up I saw for a split second all my contacts and then poof... just random numbers that I had sent texts to. So can I undo this nonsense and have my contacts back? Do I need to do a factory reset? Thanks,

  2. yfan

    yfan Well-Known Member

    I don't think factory reset will help - unless you want to factory reset and take it into a Sprint store and have them restore your contacts (that is, if it's still available). But what happened is this: You had contacts on your phone before you synced your Google account. When you synced your Google account, the Contacts on your Google/Gmail account acted as the central source for syncing. When it synced, your phone imported all your Google contacts and deleted all the other ones that were not part of your Google contacts. This is not a bug, this is a feature.
  3. TheBlizzard

    TheBlizzard New Member

    If you put your contacts in the phone BEFORE setting up a gmail account, it will wipe your contacts.

    The very first sync with a new gmail account syncs 1 way from gmail directly. and since gmail had zero or little contacts, thats what it synced to the phone.

    In the future, when setting up an andriod device for the first time, setup your gmail account first before adding contacts to the device, for desirable 2way syncing.

    ALSO, remember its a 2way street. if you delete from device it will delete from gmail. if you delete from gmail, it will delete from device.

    have a nice day.
  4. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Well-Known Member

    When you log into gmail on a PC, do you see your contacts?
  5. nkambae

    nkambae New Member

    I did the same thing as the op but with facebook... I added contacts from another phone (manually though) and after syncing with facebook I lost all of my previous contacts... BUT, the phone still recognizes the previous contacts when I assign ring tones, and text...

    You're saying that I can't get the original contacts back even though the phone still has some recognition of them?
  6. austinball

    austinball Member

    it seems like this happens to a lot of people >< my friends and i are making an app that not only stores your contacts in the cloud a la google contacts but also syncs your info across your contacts' phones and vice versa i.e. they get your number when you change it automatically and you get their's when they change it. sign up on our list @ Nimbus - Never update a contact again. and we'll get you the app when we launch so this sort of thing doesn't happen again lol
  7. Earthling789

    Earthling789 Member

    If you have Yahoo! mail, or any other POP mail on your phone, chances are that they are messing with your Google sync of contacts. This happened to my wife's phone. Disabled Yahoo! mail, and boom... Google contacts synced right up! When you re-install Yahoo! or other POP mail, disable the auto-sync for contacts to prevent confusion again.

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