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  1. monicakm

    monicakm Well-Known Member

    I've been having this problem on my Razr (ICS) for quite some time. When typing OR voicing a Gmail email, my message will break apart or just all together disappear when I try to say or type a period (.) or other puncuation. Some of it might be totally disappear or parts of it will interject into different spots in the message I'm replying to. The only way to reply (and use punctuation) is to use my Logitech BT mini keyboard. It also does this starting a new message. I can use the default text program and if I'm emailing using the default email program I don't have these problems. Only using Gmail. Very aggravating! Oh, that's not the only time it happens. If I'm playing Dice with Buddies and type or voice a message to my opponent, it does it there as well. Sure hope someone can help!

  2. monicakm

    monicakm Well-Known Member

    ANYone else having typing/voice typing issues? Text disappearing, inserting into other parts of previous message?
  3. m3incorp

    m3incorp Well-Known Member

    I've noticed the same thing happening a lot lately.

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