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  1. justanotherguy

    justanotherguy Well-Known Member

    Ive seen these on craigslist now, ATT/Tmo GSM phones...

    If i got one, would I be losing a band on Tmo? I'd be restricted to 3G only?
    Or is this new phone different and I am thinking about older GSM phones....?
    Thanks for helping the n00b

  2. mysterioustko

    mysterioustko Active Member

    The Galaxy Nexus is pentaband and will work full on T-Mobile.
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  3. justanotherguy

    justanotherguy Well-Known Member

    most real need to wait for a US tmo release then, other than if I qualify for an upgrade
  4. reg1233

    reg1233 Member

    No upgrade needed....just pop your sim card in & you're in business. Works up to HPSA+ 21 speeds. Great phone.
  5. justanotherguy

    justanotherguy Well-Known Member

    And now to find one!
  6. WoodrowB

    WoodrowB Active Member

    I'm a T-mobile customer and decided not to wait for official availability in the US, so I bought one from Expansys-usa. I'm getting anywhere from 3-8 Mbps download speeds in areas that offer HSPA+ connections.

    Loving this phone, though it's size and perceived relative fragility are taking some getting some use to. I'm coming from a Nexus One.

    I'm uncomfortable carrying this phone in my jeans pocket...i'm afraid that I'll break it if I have to bend down.

    This could just be new-phone jitters, though. we'll see.
  7. macprv

    macprv Well-Known Member

    Last night my daughter fell asleep on my lap... so i could not move (fearing i would wake her up) and i wanted to check my social networks.. but i could not find my phone anywhere (it was suppose to me next to me)... few minutes later i feel something vibrating under my but (lol)... so i started to panic inside my hear.. fearing i had crush (after sitting comfortable with all my weight on top of the phone) the screen or something like that.. so i reach for it.. and wow.. nothing :D .. so yeah, galaxy nexus is not as fragile as it looks
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  8. justanotherguy

    justanotherguy Well-Known Member

    are these GSM GN's an overseas thing, are they sort of a grey market item stateside....?
  9. stenzor

    stenzor Well-Known Member

    Canada is not overseas ;)
  10. justanotherguy

    justanotherguy Well-Known Member

    would they be warranty-able down here ...?
  11. Dead4Me

    Dead4Me Member

    From what I have seen around they don't have a warranty. I dont understand why as warranties are from a manufacturer, unless there is some sorta thing limiting the warranty to the country the product is intended to be sold in.

    Anyway. I have T-Mobile, and got an GSM model about a month ago now. I don't get HSPA+ at home, but have used it out of town, and was quite pleased with the speed.

    The only hiccup I had was that the sofware build loaded on mine was yakjuwx (samsung software update), and not yakju (google servers). But I found directions to flash mine with the google build to get my 4.0.2 update. Though atm the phone seems a little laggy after the update. I know that they are putting out another bugfix release here soon, so hopefully those issues will be ironed out.

    Overall I really like the phone. Its slightly taller/wider than I would like, but thats literally all I have to say in the negative.
  12. rubiconjp

    rubiconjp Well-Known Member

    I have used my GSM GN on both at&t and TMo networks. The phone itself gets HSPA+ signal on both networks. On at&t, I had to muck around with the APN and account settings to get to around 7-8mbps in Austin TX. On TMo, I believe that you don't have to do any of that.
  13. pappabacon

    pappabacon Well-Known Member

    I bought the Canadian version and flashed it to the 4.0.2 and it has always worked great. Can't beat T-Mobile's value plans and I get much faster speed than sprint. Yesterday I was in Banning, CA and I was getting 5700 kbps, way faster than I ever got with Sprint.
  14. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Any word on an official att release?
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