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  1. sdgmcdon

    sdgmcdon Well-Known Member

    I updated my razr maxx to 6.12.174.xt912 as I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the last Verizon update (6.12.173.xt912) and got tired of waiting, so I did the manual one...now of course Verizon says all phones should be able to update to it and I *prefer* having "official" roms on my phone.

    Anywho, when I updated I didn't use any utilities like safestrap etc...

    I have downloaded the rom that I had on it before I updated (6.11.748.xt912) but when I try to recover it to that it errors out, I'm assuming because it's seeing it's an older rom?

    Anyone have any way to do this?


  2. Raw Dodge

    Raw Dodge Well-Known Member

    You need to fast boot back to. 744...it's pretty easy the instructions are on the site ...I've done it a few.times...takes about 15-20 minutes to go thru the 18 steps .....
  3. sdgmcdon

    sdgmcdon Well-Known Member

    Dont suppose you have a link? Searched and there's tons of fast boot posts ... ?
  4. Kilo7

    Kilo7 Well-Known Member

    check out a program called rootkeeper by voodoo, I think it may have a function in there for that. I just got the upgrade on my rooted razr maxx and used it to restore root, painless and fast, one click.
  5. sdgmcdon

    sdgmcdon Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the fast boot suggestion, took a bit of digging around and looking into (figuring out RSD, getting the fast boot files etc) but I got it. Seems to be back to stock...

    My only question is, is there any difference in the fast boot files available out there between the RAZR and RAZR MAXX? In about phone it's showing the model as Droid RAZR - I don't remember if it showed the MAXX part or not before, hoping there is no difference?

    Thanks again!

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