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  1. ZekaPeka

    ZekaPeka New Member

    Hello boys and girls!

    I've installed Go Contacts EX on my Galaxy Ace and I came across 2 issues:

    1. I cannot clear missed calls log, even when I start the app and enter Missed calls section. "Clearing" it from Notification bar doesn't work either, because the number just increases +1 every time I miss a call... I have to use Phone (stock app) for this??

    2. Also, using Contacts (stock app) I've setup default call numbers for contacts which have more than one number under them. Apparently, GO Contacts is aware of this [there's a star next to the default nomber]-- but it keeps asking me which number I want to use whenever I want to make a call or send a text message! It's really annoying! With the old stock app, all I had to do was slide my finger right or left respectively.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Can it be fixed? Am I missing something? :confused:

    Please help!

  2. mosin hawnur

    mosin hawnur New Member

    Try Different App
  3. harimaheswar

    harimaheswar New Member

    There is a solution...
    1. goto settings-Applications-manage applications. and select go contacts and clear defaults.
    2. giv some miscalls to ur num. and take that missed calls from notifications. then it wil ask for default application... select default phone app.
    3. then exit that and take call log and contact... it will ask default app for those two also... select go contacts for those two...
  4. donematrix

    donematrix New Member

    Yes, this work around worked. Thanks.

    Although I would like it to open Go Contacts app and clear the missed call notification, but since Go Contacts cannot do that, I guess I will have to live with that.

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