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GO Keyboard - Changing Keyboard LayoutTips

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  1. bubalou720

    bubalou720 New Member

    I just changed my keyboard layout to the T9Word setting and it somehow changed back to the full keyboard in the middle of a text. I have no idea how I did it or how to change it back to the T9Word layout again. I have an LG Vortex phone. Can someone, anyone please help?!?!?! I hate this full keyboard crap!!!! UGH!!!!

  2. mart_dev

    mart_dev New Member

    Long-press " ENGLISH"at the top of the keyboard and it'll bring up a spindle with various options. Select the one to change style and you're back in the game. Another way is to long-press the setup key (123 ABC) and from that menu select the opposing arrows to jump between your two most recent layout selections.

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