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Go Keyboard

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  1. jmsnyc

    jmsnyc Active Member

    Is this app safe? You get a warning from android when u try to use it. Why does it need internet access?

  2. bradleypariah

    bradleypariah Member

    I don't use this app specifically, but I looked it up and I think I might be able to answer your question.

    When you say your phone "warns you", do you mean during installation?

    If so, that's pretty normal for almost all applications to have some warnings. I'd assume that the reason the app needs an internet connection is because of the multi-lingual dictionary it needs to access.

    I wouldn't worry if I were you. I can honestly say that I have *never* downloaded malware directly from the Android Market. It's pretty durn safe :cool:
  3. jmsnyc

    jmsnyc Active Member

    You get the warnings when you change the keyboard input method
  4. mark4th

    mark4th New Member

    I say this because it uses Air Push advertisements (install it and get airpush detector)

    Air push is known to push false updates to things like google play and other things. They also advertise pornographic games which if you are a parent of young children I'm sure you will appreciate greatly.

    If GO Keyboard uses air push, and air push pushes malware then GO KEYBOARD is MALWARE. If The go development team will resort to this kind of backstabbing shenanigans then not ONE of their apps can be trusted. NOT ONE!

    While GO continues to air push advertisements in any of their applications I have personally black listed ALL of their applications and i strongly encourage everyone reading this to do the same. This is a shame because GO apps are some of the best and most popular on the market. They do a great job of creating good looking apps with awesome functionality.

    I would think they would not ever need to resort to being malware just to make a buck, they should be raking it in just on the merits of their products.

    I have also attempted to contact them multiple times but they refuse to respond to any questions related to their use of air push. This tells me that they do not give a damn about any of their users, they care about the bottom line and they do not care how they make money, just that they do.

    The love of money is the root of all evil. GO team just lost a customer.
  5. jmsnyc

    jmsnyc Active Member

    Isn't airpush advertising that gets posted to your notification area??? I have not had any issues with GO pushing ads to the notification area, but for apps that do there is an opt out app made by airpush that prevents this.

    Most apps are free. Airpush is one way that developers can make money.. They deserve it. Ads are not evil - they allow us to get stuff free - ie broadcast television. It sucks though when you pay for something like going to a movie and you have to watch 15 minutes of advertising before it starts.

    I am not using GO keyboard anyway - but I am using GO launcher and I like it very much.
  6. puffidredz

    puffidredz New Member

    yes go keyboard causes porn pops to show in your notification area. today i went to my notification area and there was a porn ad called "Sexy Cuts" with this woman spreading her legs while naked. the only apps i have on my android phone are google apps, facebook, mint, most of the go launcher apps pack and wordpress and the only ad supported app i have is the go keyboard and this didn't start happening until i downloaded that app. i dont mind the ads from go keyboard but I DONT WANT PORN POPPING UP ON MY PHONE!!
  7. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Never had it happen and have had gokeyboard since I got the phone.

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