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  1. RobRimmer

    RobRimmer New Member


    I'm having an issue with Go launcher*
    In the dock area, I have some direct dial (and direct message) shortcuts. Recently one of my contacts changed their picture (on facebook) so I wanted to change my link
    I deleted the shortcut, created a new one but the new shortcut picked up the old image.
    Trying again, I confirmed that contact had new picture, created the shortcut on my homescreen (again, correct image). I then dragged this shortcut to the dock and the image changed to the old one.
    I have cleared all the caches I can think of (Go launcher, contacts, dialler, etc) and all caches (using cachemate)
    Still no joy

    Has anyone else encountered this issue and know how to stop it. I assume that Go launcher is caching the image somewhere (for dock, not for homescreen) but I have no idea where



    * Go Launcher 3.22
    HTC One X (rooted)
    Android 4.0.4 (carrier still dragging heels over JB update :mad:)

  2. LilBit

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