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Go Launcher EX guide

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  1. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    i posted this in a thread in the ascend section but figured everyone could use it....

    first time intensively using the full post option, so bear with me.

    the x's next to setting indicate that i have them checked. if there are multiple settings available i will put the first three letters such as (tra) for the transparent dock setting. screenshot below if you like them use these settings.

    this is a short over view of the controls and menu options for GO LAUNCHER. there will also be links for useful apps and items.

    Go Launcher (GL) Preferences.
    yes, the menu tells you what these do, but i'm also going to give tips and try to clarify a few things.

    Screen display

    Display Settings

    Status bar- check on to show the status bar at the top of your phone, uncheck to hide it. this only hides the status bar while in home screen view if something occurs the stat bar will show back up. it will also remain visible while using certain apps and when in menus.

    xScreens scroll circularly- if you swipe left on the first screen you go to the last and vice verce. i only use two screens so its nice being able to swipe either direction to get to my common apps. (see screenshots below)

    xWallpaper scrolling- check to have the wall paper move in unison to your home screen swipes. if you are running stock rom and have choppy transition try turning this off.

    App icon labels- shows or hides app names on the home screen.

    (5x5)Grid size- adjusts the number of rows and columns available for apps and widgets. the first number indicates rows the second, columns.

    Home Screen Transition

    (f/s)Transition- changes the screen change animation to-

    Default- no effect the screen just slides left or right.

    Bounce- apps and widgets bounce, like a kid making a paper doll walk /\/\/\ like so.

    Bulldoze- peels the apps and widgets, imagine you are scraping them off with a bulldozer.

    Cube (inside)- moves apps to look like yo are in a room and looking from wall to wall. best with four or more screens

    Cube(outside)- now you are turning a cube in your hands, again, best with four screens

    Flip(simple)- your apps and widgets flip over as if on pages.

    Flip (with wallpaper)- flips as though the wallpaper is also on a card. you may want to disable wallpaper scrolling for a nicer transition.

    Roll- imagine your apps and widgets are on a wheel. you may want to bring down your fling speed for this one and the next two.

    Wave- apps and widgets move like waves are under them.

    Windmill- apps move as if the top is attached to the hub of a wind mill. best with four or more screens.

    (100)Fling speed-how fast your home screen transition occurs. if you are having choppy transitions turn this down.

    (100)Elasticity-controls how far your screen overshoots during fast transitions.

    Screen indicator-

    Screen indicator-/B] shows a small line of dots indicating your screen.

    xAuto hide screen indicator- the afore mentioned dots will disappear after a short period of time. only active if the previous box is checked.

    screen settings-

    you can add and delete home screens from here. tap the "+" on a blank screen to add a screen and the little x in the top right of a screen to delete it.
    screens can also be re ordered by dragging them to a new spot.

    Dock settings

    (tra)Select style- choose one of the following styles for your dock icons.

    Transparent- uses the GL transparent theme for dock icons. see screenshot.
    Christmast- uses the GL christmas icons.
    Custom theme- uses one of these themes icons ... https://market.android.com/search?q=Golauncher+themes&c=apps

    dock icons can also be set by long holding any icon and tapping choose icon

    (2)Dock row-changes how many available docks there are. change docks by sliding left or right on the dock.

    Custom background- use any picture as a background for your dock. large pics must be cropped.

    a nice list of docks... Most Recent Docks | LauncherPro Icons simply save the images to your sd card.

    Select dock background- choose your dock picture. only available if previous box checked.

    xLoop mode same as circular scrolling, only for the dock.

    App drawer settings

    (ver)Scrolling orientation-controls which way your apps move/scroll.
    if you use vertical you can also scroll up and down by sliding your finger left and right.

    Custom background set any picture as a background in the app drawer.

    Select drawer background- choose your pic. only available if the previous box is checked.

    grid size- set how many apps show at a time by controlling number of rows/columns.

    xApp icon labels- shows or hides app names.

    Hide app icons- you can choose to hide apps from your drawer from here. check the apps you want to hide and press the back button on the phone to save.

    (alp)Icon sorting-choose how your icons are sorted, alphabetically, chronologically from newest to oldest or vice verce.

    (win)Show effect-adds an effect to the app drawer appearing.

    Running tab

    Show locked apps- check to show apps you have locked on.

    choose locked apps-choose which apps to lock (keep running at all times)
    Operation settings

    Gravity sensor

    xScreen rotation-check to enable a landscape view when your phone is turned sideways.

    Popup quick menu

    xPopup quick menu-check to enable the popup menu when you long press an icon/widget. the menu lets you change icons, their displayed names, remove them from home screen, uninstall apps, and delete or resize widgets.

    Key and gestures

    (1st)Home key action-changes what happens when you hold the back key...

    Disable- self explanatory.
    Application- launches the app of your choice)
    Shortcut- select a shortcut from the menu that pops up. you will go to this when you hold back at the home screen.
    Show home screen- shows your main home screen (generally center)
    Show home screen, then preview- returns you to your main screen, from main screen hold again to go to screen settings.
    Show preview- goes to screen settings menu.
    Show app drawer- self explanatory.
    Show notification- shows drop down notification box.
    Show/Hide status bar- self explanatory.

    (7th)Glide up action-what happens when you slide your finger from to to bottom on a screen... actions are same as above

    (9th)Glide down action- what happens when you slide from top to bottom.

    Advanced settings

    System persistant- not sure. the warning scared me.

    xPrevent force close- tries to prevent fc's when memory low.

    Font choose your font for app labels. i can't find any ANYWHERE.

    Clean rubbish data if you resize your grid some apps may "disappear" they are still there but can't be shown. if you resize your screen and it gets choppy come tap this. it removes those poofed widgets and apps from memory.

    go launcher ex notification

    Unread text message count- displays missed texts in the GL notification app (separate app)

    Missed call count-same as above for missed calls

    Unread gmail count-...and gmail

    well thats it for the menu (whew) now for...


    resizing widgets-

    almost any widget can be resized (stretched or squashed) to your preference. some cannot, such as the cpuboost nitrous widget. usefull for bringing apps down to a convenient size or larger for bigger fingers.

    long press a widget and select resize. drag the edges to the desired size.

    changing app icons

    any picture can be used as an icon.

    long hold an icon, choose "replace", choose a theme to take icons from it or use any picture.

    to select a pic choose "custom icon" large pics must be cropped...

    some good icons... LauncherPro Icons | Custom Android app icons for the awesome LauncherPro home screen replacement

    change app display names

    long press an app and select "rename"

    dock actions

    long press the dock on any icon.

    select "change shortcut" to change the app/shortcut set to that spot. choose "blank" to remove the app/ shortcut. use this to get rid of unwanted +'s too.

    select "choose icon" to use a custom icon.

    select "change gesture response" to change what happens when yuo slide your finger along the dock

    well, that's really all there is to it. enjoy!

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  2. Sonasam

    Sonasam Active Member

    love this app love yo instructions. but how do i keep it as my default launcher?
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  3. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

  4. anabolina

    anabolina Well-Known Member

    ITA with NoNameFace, but if you don't want to download a new app for whatever reason, you can do it the more time-consuming way. ;-)

    You can go into Settings-Applications-Manage Applications and click on whichever home is currently your default one and tap on it. Near the bottom of the page is the option 'launch by default'. You can tap clear defaults and then hit your home button. You should then have the option to open by any of the homes you have installed onto your device and there is a check mark underneath to 'use by default for this action.' Just remember to click in the box so the checkmark appears before tapping on 'Go Launcher Ex'. It'll then be your default home launcher. Good luck!

    Thanks Tokenpoke for your wonderful guide. I can't find the transparent dock style on the market, but have since simply replaced all but the middle icon with separate transparent icons. Is this a style on the market?
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  5. sadielynn

    sadielynn Well-Known Member

    If by transparent dock, you mean it looks like there is no dock behind your icons, just go under your dock options and choose 'hide dock'. Works for me:

    If that's not what you mean, well then I dunno, you'll have to be more specific :)
  6. becca0327

    becca0327 New Member

    Everything is pretty self explanatory, but what is System Persistent?
  7. sadielynn

    sadielynn Well-Known Member

    it makes it less likely to be killed off when you get low on memory. Ive never had a problem with it, so I've never had to use that setting, though.
  8. Lumabizz

    Lumabizz Well-Known Member

    Have been using Go Launcher Ex myself for a long time,
    this is a good launcher you can trust and have many features. :)
  9. laby

    laby Active Member

    Go Luncher EX is way better than any other screen app...because its free!!! :)
  10. Finney

    Finney New Member

    I have a question, I have tried just about everything to delete this app, Could you guys possible help me out? I bought this phone from somebody with this app already installed, and i do not like it too much
  11. sypack

    sypack New Member

    this is a great launcher. Love it.
  12. laby

    laby Active Member

    Did you try to uninstall using APP2SD? or try to use the stock uninstaller..I haven't heard of GO launcher uninstallation problem..it is user friendly app..
  13. bassmaniac69

    bassmaniac69 New Member

    Does anyone know how to make the menu button become a search shortcut when held down for a long period? The stock TW launcher on my Galaxy S2 would go to search after holding it down but in Go Launcher EX it does nothing and I cannot find any options to change this?

  14. 23-D

    23-D Member

    Can somebody tell me if it is possible and how it is done to change icon for an app in the app draw for apps that are not covered with a Icon pack?
    I have a Icon pack installed but half of apps don't have their themed icons and I would like to assign them other icons that were not applyed automatically....

    Is it possible????
  15. Celtyc

    Celtyc Active Member

    Somehow my default homescreen changed and I cannot for the life of my reset it. Any ideas?
  16. shelica

    shelica New Member

    Hello all, I am new to using this launcher, so thanks a ton for the guide^^
    by the way, I can't find any way to change the app drawer's icons to circular. There is no icon setting option in the preferences - effects settings. Help please?
  17. imcarrid

    imcarrid Member

    Is there anyway to get rid of the dock?
  18. gseth

    gseth Active Member

    Yes you can set a gesture to hide and show dock, it is under preferences.
  19. MJC UK

    MJC UK Well-Known Member

    This is driving me insane, my phone already does this but i cant find a setting for it : -/ are you using the default google search or the widget from GO?
  20. MJC UK

    MJC UK Well-Known Member

    Its not possible as far as I can tell. Most themes will however put a blank icon around it, to ar least make it the same shape. I'm usibg the Suave HD theme, which makes all icons iPhone style.

    I'm also using the Signa icon pack for my desktops which looks gorgeous
  21. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Odd. Using Go Launcher on Galaxy S, and long press of menu button still opens up search for me.
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  22. savetheknot

    savetheknot Well-Known Member

    Nice post. Is there anyway to hide the dock and make its space available? I love the full screen look this gave me in ADW.
  23. MRW1215

    MRW1215 Well-Known Member

    I want to change the wallpaper in my app drawer, as well as do a custom dock background, but the settings don't appear to be the same as listed in the original post. Did they change where these settings are in the latest versions of Go Launcher?
  24. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Yep it changed. But not really difficult to look for if you just explore. Wallpapers for Desktop, Dock and App drawer are in "Theme Settings".
  25. HappyJoe

    HappyJoe Well-Known Member

    GO Launcher EX is indeed a pretty app, as are the other GO apps I've installed.

    ...B'ut... they run like sleepy dogs on my ageing HTC Hero and I want to uninstall them. Can't find the Launcher app anywhere on my machine (rooted, CM7-modded) and the original 'Which launcher as default?' message can't be found to swap back to the default.

    Can any GO Launcher users tell me how to wipe this/these app(s), please?

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