"Go launcher" on Kindle Fire HD w/o rooting?

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  1. siegbrunn

    siegbrunn New Member

    Not even sure what "rooting" is but hacking scares me to death and I fear I might destroy my Kindle.
    First, I have managed to download and ostensibly install "go launcher 3.26" over SnapPea from my PC. (I have side-loaded quite a few third party apps with it, successfully for the most part.) When I couldn't find the launcher on my Kindle then, I downloaded it direct to the Kindle from 1Mobile. No problem, seemed to install.

    But I can't find how to open it! I can't find it at all!

    So - here I am, it's supposed to be installed, it shows up in the ES file manager in the SnapPea App folder, but a double click on it gives me the info that its already installed. ????
    Is it just incompatible and that's it? Have I mentioned how much I loathe the KFHD carousel? Well, I do.

    Can anyone help?

  2. siegbrunn

    siegbrunn New Member

    Here I am with my own answer I guess. I have spent quite a while now researching in the internet and despite various "half-answers" that imply it's possible in other forums, it seems the answer is really "Not Possible".

    I have now deleted both versions of Go launcher from my Kindle FHD thru Snappea and have installed ADW launcher instead which I think will be OK. It works already and I think it is sufficient for my needs. I'm so happy that I don't have to look at that carousel any more.


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