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  1. mrryanthai

    mrryanthai Well-Known Member

    Girlfriend just installed Go Launcher and every 5-10 seconds the screen would light up.Anyway to fix that?I have a Lucid and it doesn't do that.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Does she have wake on LAN enabled? If so, disable it. That should take care of it.
  3. mrryanthai

    mrryanthai Well-Known Member

    Where would I find that?Dunno that phone well enough.Thanks!
  4. niteNarmor

    niteNarmor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Personally I am on a custom ROM with this phone. You should be able to look in
    settings/wifi and see what the settings are.

    1. If wifi is enabled, then press the wifi icon and turn it off. That will also stop the wake on LAN.

    2. (Just thought of this) Go to settings. Open display. Look at the brightness. This phone is "suppose" to be smart :rolleyes:. If the brightness is set to automatic, uncheck it. It might be detecting different light sources (shadows, tv) and turning the brightness lighter or darker depending on the source. I remembered mine did that until I unchecked that box. Don't forget to manually change the brightness though.

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