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Go Launcher theme factory v1.3 ,making themes as you like

  1. pingping

    pingping New Member

    GO Themes Factory is a website for GO Launcher theme making.
    It contains all of the theme elements. You can replace any of them, including the whole style, font color, icon, background, etc. In order to meet the user’s personalized requirements, it also provide more personalization options!
    So the theme of your phone ,you make it ! Do as you like .
    The website:
    http://gotheme.3g.cn (available through Chrome browser)

    Go ThemesFactory, change your homepage to be your style !
    Free your phone from now on , from Go ThemesFactory!

    The newest version Changelog:
    1.(New)Set the generic icon scaling size
    2.(New)Some elements use transparent picture
    3.(Improve)Prompt .9.png image
    4.(Improve)Navigation district UI interface

  2. demone24

    demone24 New Member

    I made my theme and I can't seem to put it on my phone i need help thank you

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