Go Launcher Zipalign?

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  1. JaydeEvo

    JaydeEvo Well-Known Member

    So I made a few themes on the Theme Maker site for Go Launcher. I shared a few and they work great. Now all of a sudden it says that when I upload my theme apk to the Play Store, that they are not zipaligned. I can clearly install them on my phone and use them

    Why are some of the themes working properly and others are not?

    How do I zipalign a theme?

    I tried contacting Go but they clearly do not speak English

  2. Brian706

    Brian706 Moderator Moderator

    Hey JaydeEvo,
    Just did a quick google search. See if this helps: zipalign | Android Developers
  3. JaydeEvo

    JaydeEvo Well-Known Member

    I know what zipalign does. Unfortunately I have a PC running Ubuntu so that doesn't help. I was able to upload themes previously and the were zipaligned already and now all of a sudden, the theme maker only gives me .apk files that the developer console is rejecting them.

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