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  1. I was wondering if anyone has tried out Go Power Master from the play store. I really like the app but it wont control my data to save battery and im wondering if the triumph is not supported or its my phone specifically before I send an email to the devs.

  2. jarjar124

    jarjar124 Well-Known Member

    for me it works,but since it always run in the background it drains my battery. if ur not using it just turn off data or turn on airplane mode. go power master was great getting around 2-4% per hour idle, but now getting 1-2% idle :D wat rom are u using?
  3. Hmm maybe its my rom then. Im using minimal triumph 1.0. I wanted a quicker way of disabling data than having to go into settings and turn it off every time im done with it.
  4. jarjar124

    jarjar124 Well-Known Member

    oh,im using minimal triumph too :D great rom, if u dont wanna waste that much time u noe u have power widgets rite? lol use those. its preinstalled. i installed power widget from play store to easily turn on/off airplane mode wifi 3g. hope this helps :D

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