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Go SMS malfunction!!! Help?!

  1. Brokenglass

    Brokenglass New Member

    Have had Go SMS forever! Just two weeks ago it started malfunctioning. Sometimes I get no notifications. It keeps turning off notifications. Then when they do work, they revert back to the default notification. OR...it mixes up the individually set notifications like musical chairs. I cant tell who's texting me any longer, because of this. And if I restart my phone, or it shuts down to reboot, all my settings are gone. WTF?! Any ideas on whats happening? I was thinking of uninstalling it for good, but the the default messenger sucks royally. Anything better out there than Go SMS? :confused:

    Samsung Galaxy SIII

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Hmm, that is very strange...have you tried reinstalling Go SMS, or going into your device Settings > Apps > Uninstalling all the updates for Go SMS and maybe reinstalling them?

    Otherwise you could try Handcent, I have tried it and it is pretty good.

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