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go sms pro - help turning off new messages popping up during text

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  1. stripgaga

    stripgaga Member

    Sorry to post another help q for go sms pro but I haven't been able to find the help for this. I recently installed go sms pro and thought I managed to turn off all popup notifications for new text messages, but honestly I am not sure I have since there are a million options to customize.

    Anyway my problem is this. When I am in the middle of texting someone using go sms pro, if I get a new text message, not only will the current text thread be replaced with the new thread, what I am typing remains in the same text box window, even in the new thread. I noticed this when I while I was texting one of my friends. I am in the middle of a writing a text message to someone, I get a new text and did not even notice the thread switching to the new text thread (there was no notification, it just switches threads like you're texting someone), I finish typing the original message, and since the the new text thread took over, the text meant for someone else gets sent to whoever just text me. I find this frustrating because I am basically texting the wrong person now and it switches the thread so fast I do not even notice the switch. If this isn't changeable, the go sms pro is completely useless to me because I'm not gonna risk sending something private to someone who that message is not intended for and having to cut and paste every time I get a new text. I hope this problem makes sense to you guys.

    How do I turn off new text messages interrupting and switching threads during the writing of a text in go sms pro? And like I said before, there is NO notification with a new text. No NEW window pops up saying X just sent you a message, the thread window just switches automatically to the new thread and retains my already written message.

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Well for one thing, this doesnt happen to me on GO sms, so its probably a problem only on your end. I suggest backing up your SMS, and clear the GO sms data and try to use it again.
  3. stripgaga

    stripgaga Member

    I did already. I initially uninstalled both because I had go sms first, then it told me to upgrade to sms pro, then the sms pro app disappears from the menu and only sms original remained, so i just uninstalled both and reinstalled sms pro and now sms pro is there. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong or what I haven't turned off

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