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Go SMS Pro linking to my keypad

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  1. bbtexan

    bbtexan Member

    I've used Go SMS Pro for about a month with few problems, but now, when I tap the icon, it links to my phone's keypad. There is no way to get into the app except going into my contacts and tapping the the message icon next to a name. I can select the message app I want to use and it takes me to a composition window in Go SMS. If I hit the back button, I'm back at the keypad instead of the app's home screen. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, but I still have the problem. All I accomplished was losing my cool little navigator's theme. Any ideas?

  2. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    That started happening to me with an update in September. I informed the devs but they either don't see the issue or don't care. I don't know which because they never responded.
  3. bbtexan

    bbtexan Member

    I didn't even do an update. It just started happening. I also sent out a group message that the recipients never received. I don't know if the problems are connected, but I just switched to Handcent. I like it but we'll see how it handles group messages.

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