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Support GO SMS Pro Not sending MMS messages on new S4 (SPRINT)

  1. preownedkarma

    preownedkarma New Member

    I have recently upgrade to the S4 on Sprint. The first app I downloaded was GO SMS Pro to act as my default messaging app. I am able to send SMS messaged with no issues but am unable to send or receive MMS. I have since removed the app and gone back to the stock S4 messaging app. I would really like to return to GO SMS. I have done a digging around the interwebs and tried a couple troubleshooting ideas but nothing has worked (Manual APN, Turned off WIFI, Uninstalled\ReInstalled GO SMS Pro app). :confused::confused::confused:

  2. karlp

    karlp New Member

    try opening GOsms, go into settings....other settings and check stock SMS uninstalled, this worked for me, how ever i am on a rooted s4 and have frozen the stock sms app with titanium backup..

    hope this helps:D

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