GO SMS PRO running text all on one line

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  1. Tuco Lives

    Tuco Lives New Member


    I really like this app, but I can't get over a problem I'm having with it. Any time I type in a landscape mode(Galaxy SII), the text all stays on the top line and keeps running without swinging back down when it reaches the end of the window. (This is not a problem in portrait mode)

    So instead of getting something like this:

    I get:

    This is really frustrating as I can't see what I've written unless I hop back to portrait mode or hit return. With the stock app, the text automatically goes to the line below it when it comes to the end of the window. I like the versatility of GO sms, but HATE this issue. Any ideas? Thanks.

  2. kgyuri

    kgyuri New Member


    Have you found a solution for the problem?

  3. NoMoreSymbian

    NoMoreSymbian Well-Known Member

    I too wish there was a fix. I cant remember but I don't think it did it on my Captivate only the SG2 for some reason. :confused:
  4. Tuco Lives

    Tuco Lives New Member

    No. Still looking for a solution. I'm on a SG SII. I've switched back to the stock messaging, as I see no point in using a service where I can't write what I see.

    Now, my Go dialer can't connect with messaging when I want to message from the phone system. Oh wel.
  5. jbomx363

    jbomx363 Active Member

    Wish there was something to fix this to. It is a bit aggravating.
  6. chilitoto

    chilitoto New Member

    On my SGSII the error occurs in full screen mode only (either portrait or landscape and I've tried 5-6 keyboard app).
    I sent a mail to the developers, no answer yet.
  7. kielbasa

    kielbasa Active Member

    I have exactly same problem guys.
    After downgrading to Froyo, this problem started to occur, but only when writing in Go sms pro. In stock app all works fine, and text goes down to second line. Reinstalling Go sms does not help.

    Anyone found any solution ?

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