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  1. vooduguru

    vooduguru New Member

    I just burned through my Verzion Cordura/Leather Holster in less than a month, the plastic clip rotted out from it's cardboard lining...yes I DO GET my unit WET EVERYDAY. I found THE best rugged holster for the Verizon Casio G'zone Commando. Period. Heavy duty metal clip or interchangable cordura "belt" clip for the unit. This company is in Colorado, USA. Paid $19.95 w/ FREE shipping. Awesome and very well constructed for the Casio Commando! www.justaccessories-discounts.com The heavy metal clip (pun intended here) holds the mobile very securely for "field work" and the belt loop is perfect for those "formal" events. This heavy duty ruggised holster is absolutely perfect for the Casio G'Zone Commando. Works great on the battle field or a golf course!!!!

    I also highly recomend the water-proof Plantronics Explorer Bluetooth.
    I own 4 of them. They work when you need them, are built well and don't break unless you TRY to break them.

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  2. jrice4760

    jrice4760 Member


    I wanted to know if you were still pleased with this holster for your Commando. It looks to be very rugged, but I wanted to your opinion since some time has passed. Is it still holding up well? Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. txstetson

    txstetson Member

    Heavy duty nylon holster at Tractor Supply works great too. Velcro flap and stainless steel clip. Price is only $4.99. Bought this to get by until I found another one, but I am not really looking anymore.
  4. eltee

    eltee Active Member

    Just received the plastic holster (OEM) from Verizon. Feels flimsy, plastic seems cheap. The holster for my Ravine seemed stronger. The top of the holster is another weak looking hinge and spring affair. The Commando does not "click" in solidly like the Ravine did. Time will tell. I had the Commando temporarily in a cordura pouch, but it muffled the ringtone too much in a noisy environment.
  5. Hmebuildr

    Hmebuildr New Member

  6. trouter0523

    trouter0523 New Member

    My Verizon holster (they call it a holster - display facing in) actually lasted for two months before the spring unit broke off. After it broke I took a closer look. I don't know how it lasted as long as it did. This thing must have been designed to fail. That tiny piece of plastic that holds the spring assembly would have a hard time holding itself, let alone a spring loaded clip. Lousy design - really lousy.
  7. Sail Man

    Sail Man New Member

    Yeah, I just got this case that is supposedly for the commando and there is no way in hell I can get the phone into the case without destroying the case. It actually appears to be for some type of horizontal flip phone (not the traditional "upward" style phone. I am requesting a return authorization.

    I am disappointed that a rugged phone like this does not have a rugged holster built for it. :mad:
  8. space wrangler

    space wrangler Well-Known Member

  9. wadeey

    wadeey New Member

    Verizon snap in holster for the commando works pretty well.It snaps in,screen facing in...and releases with a spring loaded clip up top. I have had mine for a couple weeks now and it's holding up well..I am pretty active at work wearing it and no "fall outs' yet.It's nice because when its out of the holster you can drop it into its docking station without having to take off a protector case like the body glove style(which I like also)....and was only $15 from Verizon.It's probably not going to hold up too well if your extremely active outdoors with it(ex...biking,jogging,climbing,etc).A pouch or closed case would probably be better...but in an office environment and just wearing it walking,driving,etc....it works pretty well.It's designed to make the phone easily accessible to make/take calls...
  10. Emgo

    Emgo Active Member

    I don't know if these are worthy of the thread title, but the Condor MA45 seems to be very sturdy and it has several attachment options. I've been using it for about 2 weeks and I like it. It's large for a cell phone holder, but if you need some extra miscellaneous storage this is a very handy pouch. It could be the new pocket protector for gadget freaks like me. The phone is tight fit, don't expect to win any quick draw contests. With this pouch the phone is very secure and well protected (Maybe I don't even need a rugged phone with this pouch). Just search for Condor MA45, it's also called an "i pouch".

    The other one, (last 2 pictures) and here's the link http://www.cellphoneshop.net/oustcacaforc6.html I felt 5 pounds lighter when I put it on compared to the Condor. Of course there's not that much difference in weight, but it is much smaller and lighter. The overall quality is not great. I don't expect it will be very durable. The phone fits very tight in this one also, again don't expect win a quick draw contest.

    I need to carry my phone on a carabiner clip. Both pouches will allow that, but I don’t expect the second one to be very durable, the ring doesn't look like it's attached very well.


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  11. samuel357

    samuel357 Member

    I ordered this holster in october and it lasted till jan. and is completely shot, metal clip broke in dec. so I was using the belt loop instead now the case itself is coming apart, hardly lasted any longer than the Verizon one for me

  12. BW511

    BW511 New Member

    I am pretty close to asking work to order this phone for my upgrade to replace my 2yr old BB Curve 2... but then this. There are no decent holsters for a year-old phone??

    For all of my blackberries, I was always able to get skin/holster combos from Seidioonline.com. They are tough as nails. I am shocked that they don't support the gzone. Please write them and tell them to get crackin', Commando owners.
  13. ColbyDigsSoil

    ColbyDigsSoil Member

  14. ColbyDigsSoil

    ColbyDigsSoil Member

    I just wanted to note, the small size Timbuk2 Shagg bag fits the commando just about right. I tried the large size first, and it was too big. The small size is a little snug, but works very well.

    The shagg bags have velcro strap that allows you to put it on a back pack strap, or a belt. It also has a belt strap on the velcro strap, allowing for very secure belt use. The straps make it a little bulky for front pocket carrying, but it's fine in cargo pockets. I'm sticking with this case for my Commando.
  15. ColbyDigsSoil

    ColbyDigsSoil Member

    Just wanted to let everyone know, the zipper on the front of the Timbuk2 Shagg Bag happens to line up perfectly with the edge of the screen when the screen is facing the front of the bag. I pulled my phone out of the bag one night and the screen was shattered, with the center of the break lining up perfectly with the zipper. If you use this bag, make sure the phone is not facing the front/zipper. This $20 bag cost me $99 in the insurance deductible. :mad:

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