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  1. droopies

    droopies Well-Known Member

    I just got a Pantech burst and switched to Straight Talk. I will be selling my Triumph as soon as I get everything off of it and swap my micro xd cards around. I have the original box, some extra screen protectors, an extra brand new battery, a hard case (can't remember what brand) and the original charger and usb cable. It is rooted with MTDEV CM7 right now, but I could flash it back to stock. I'll get some pics and post it in the want ads later this week, but figure I would mention it here in this forum first. $125 obo shipping included. It works about as well as a Triumph has ever worked. It primarily lags on 3g, normally only getting between 64kbps and 480kbs in the Memphis area. However, when I was in Corpus Christi recently at the hospital for my mom, it was knocking down 800-1200. Go figure! The charging port works, the ear phone port works and the screen has no scratches...it still has the original extra thick screen protector on it. PM me if interested.

  2. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Good luck with selling it! You'll probably want to go ahead & put the stock ROM back on tho- whoever buys it won't be able to activate it on CM7. :)
  3. droopies

    droopies Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah...thanks for reminding me!

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