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Gold & Silver price tracker app...

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  1. bailagent100

    bailagent100 Member

    Looking for an app that will lead to or provide real time gold & silver price tracking, please.

    A search for same yielded nothing.



  2. kmetek

    kmetek Well-Known Member

    hey i would like to know too.
  3. Fisse

    Fisse Member

    Yeah that would be really good app.
  4. jamesbrush

    jamesbrush Member

    guys please help me.. that how can i get these application...
    Also i want to get the application of crude price and stock market.
  5. Hal (GT)

    Hal (GT) New Member

    You could just book mark this address LearCapital - Mobile Live Prices

    Gives you real time spot price quotes.
  6. Bwell9

    Bwell9 Member

    I wish that the itunes app "gold tracker" would come to android. It allows you to calculate how much you can scrap metals for. Gives you good options for weights (dwt, ozt, oz) and you can put in the pay out rate... but oh well guess we gotta sit and wait.

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