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  1. evil dunk

    evil dunk Member

    Hello all from an android newbie.
    A gold star has suddenly appeared on two of my email accounts. Can anyone tell me :
    -What they are for?
    -How did they get there?
    -How do i get rid of them?

    I am assuming that they may be some kind of 'favourite' thing that i may have done???

  2. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    yeah it means favourites you should be able to just push the star and it should disappear
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  3. evil dunk

    evil dunk Member

    :D :D
    OMG - So simple, yet so hard to find out.
    Many thanx
  4. evil dunk

    evil dunk Member

    Hello again,
    Although the reply I received previously helped me remove stars from individual emailsI forgot to mention in the first place that it is gold stard next to the accounts when listed in 'Social Hub' that I cannot seem to get rid of, even if I clear the emails as stated previously.
    Help (again) is needed from you forum friends

  5. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    ok close your social hub app now open the e-mail app above it

    click menu then accounts,

    it should say starred ; 1 (or whatever number)

    click the star

    go back to social hub click the envelope the star will disappear

    i dont know why or how or what its for (star) but that seemed to work when i just tried

    goody luckies :D

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