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  1. aman321

    aman321 Member

    hi im gona get a d3 coz razr wont work in our country where m living in india i think...and my dads gona send me from usa...so

    ive one simple questoin tat will droid 3 work in india and droid 3 is gsm as far as i read...

    so hope ne one can help sort out my problem before buying this phone thx :)

  2. glennj

    glennj Well-Known Member

    Short answer is no.

    The phone as sold in the USA cannot be activated on a foreign network without an unlock code. To get an unlock code that you can be sure will actually work, you have to get it from Verizon Wireless here in the USA. Unless you have been a good customer of theirs here in the USA for 6 months already, they will not give you an unlock code for your phone.

    There are ways around this, but they are not straight-forward. Check some related threads here and on XDA forums.

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  3. aman321

    aman321 Member

    but im geting the unlock code then is it possbile?
  4. redsox985

    redsox985 Well-Known Member


    Depending upon what bands are in operation in India, that would determine your phone. But I'd suggest either of the Milestone 3 models, the Chinese one may be easier to get your hands on in India. They're both unlocked from the factory.
  5. alexmars

    alexmars Member


    Hope u got it worked out, but if some one is still loking for the answer then it's yes. Droid 3 works with GSM as well as with CDMA in india.
    I have a XT 862 & it's working very well on both network.
  6. argowal

    argowal New Member

    It works, you only have to unlock it in a cell phone unlocker, its very easy. The unlock code is solf for around $20. I brought it to Chile (GSM/CDMA) and works perfectly.
  7. argowal

    argowal New Member

    Also, get it directly from motorola, it is cheaper that way.

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