Gonna be upgrading my trusty rooted Tbolt....its been fun!!General

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  1. Boriquaboyz

    Boriquaboyz Active Member

    Hey guys I got an offer to upgrade my second line to the long awaited Samsung GS III and so I won't be needing my Tbolt anymore. I do plan to root the SGS3 when I get it. If anyone is interested in my rooted thunderbolt, PM me ....thanks everyone!!

  2. jennay22

    jennay22 Well-Known Member

    I'm with ya! I pre-ordered a couple weeks ago. I'm now just waiting for the screen protectors, bumper case and my new phone. I'm still keeping the bolt, it's a great phone! It's my back up since I never buy insurance. I also still have my OG Droid. Just can't let go.
  3. rodawg71

    rodawg71 Well-Known Member

    Nice choice for an upgrade :cool:
    Still luvin' my T-Bolt :beer:
  4. rottenpixies

    rottenpixies Well-Known Member

    Sorry to see ya leave the T-bolt family. If you want to sell that bad boy give me a PM
  5. BetaMan

    BetaMan Well-Known Member

    I purchased the Galaxy III S and used it for 1 day. I took it back. I found it to be archaic. I missed HTC Sense UI! I found the Galaxy III S to be very difficult to navigate. I DID like the face recognition to unlock the phone. The "S-Voice" that is supposed to like iPhone's Siri was a complete JOKE! TOTALLY useless.

    I purchased it outright so I wouldn't loose my unlimited data. I hope the HTC ONE X will come to Verizon. Until then, I looking for a new ROM. I am currently using BAMF Cubed 1.09.

  6. Blacklight82

    Blacklight82 Well-Known Member

    Too bad. If only you could have waited. Not for Verizon yet plus a lot of stuff isn't working.

    [ROM][SENSE][SENSE4ALL] Sense 4.0 PORT

    Huge fan of Sense but TouchWiz UX isn't bad. I've grown accustomed to it after a couple of days.

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