Gonna Root (maybe) but got questions...

  1. melynbeth

    melynbeth Well-Known Member

    I am going to root---I think--but I seriously have no idea about any of the jargon. I downloaded what I think I needed but I am not that computer savy. Should I just not do it then? I don't want to ruin my phone.
    If I should do it, do I have to erase everything on my sd card??? I've got pics on there and stuff that i don't want to lose!!!

  2. melynbeth

    melynbeth Well-Known Member

    Ok...started to root but when I ran the prekitchen test it said something to the effect that the desktop path couldn't be detected. Wow! I might be out of my league! HELP!!!!
  3. stinky

    stinky Well-Known Member

    If your not Computer smart you should read a LOT before you attempt to root. It really isnt that hard to follow the tutorials, but when something doesnt go to plan (ie Windows 7 not syncing properly) thats when the smarts come in and you have to figure out what to do.

    Your SD card should be fine, it wont need to be wiped out, but before you start tinkering, make a backup of everything you wish to save.
  4. durandetto

    durandetto Well-Known Member

    I didn't have a clue either, but after reading through the forums for a couple days I did it with no real issues. Check out the link in my sig. there's a really good step by step. As long as you make sure you are using the procedures for the CDMA Hero you shouldn't worry about damaging your phone.

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