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  1. hkmk23

    hkmk23 Well-Known Member

    For anyone interested these are apps that I have been using for months and found to be excellent in behaviour and useability.
    I also use some of the built in apps but these are the ones I have downloaded.
    Some are free, some you have to pay for. But I assure you they are all superb and work in landscape (tablet) mode.
    ES File Explorer
    Co-Pilot Live
    Wifi Analayzer by Kevin Yuan
    World Clock
    Evernote (if you have other computers as well)
    Boat browser
    GPS status
    Music Player by Simosoft
    The Weather Channel
    Amazon Kindle
    (Aquamail) Now replaced with InoMail [far superior IMO]

  2. DoctorCAD

    DoctorCAD Well-Known Member

    Here are my favorites:
    X-Plore file manager (2 panes, like XTREE for those old enough to remember that)
    My Backup Pro
    Dolphin Browser
    Zo Reader (like Kindle or Aldiko, but much smaller)
    Weatherbug Pro
    Sygic (allows entire program and maps to be put on external SD card!!!)
    Bubble (level)
    Google sky Map
  3. c3n5orth15

    c3n5orth15 New Member

    XBMC - for android Download here

    Best media centre for all your media needs - works seamlessly with SGT2 and android 4.1.1 - free TV and movie streaming with the right add-on (see their wiki).
    Also checkout for more add-ons.

    You will need to open up access for unknown downloads in your settings.

    Happy streaming.
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  4. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    Some are paid and others are free.

    ES File Explorer
    Dolphin browser
    MX Player
    Camera FV-5
    TV Listing
    Google Drive
    Office Suite Pro 6
    TuneIn Radio Pro
    Real BlackJack

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