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  1. twane

    twane Well-Known Member

    I'm making this thread to hear everyone's experiences with their n10's. Eager to hear what everyone has to say, me personally its an all around amazing tablet vary minor flaws like the battery life n backlight bleeding on black screens but hey this is my first tablet.

  2. Azmordean

    Azmordean New Member

    So far the only cons I've encountered:

    - Occasional lock ups and restarts. Not often enough to be a big problem, but something that needs to be corrected soon in updates as this is something that doesn't happen on the iPad.

    - Scrolling int he browser is less than smooth, especially in portrait mode. Apple still manages to be more successful with UI responsiveness. This is a big negative for a lot of "average Joe" type users.

    - No case!! Not a fault with the Tablet itself, but I'm clueless why the "book cover" isn't out yet. I have to travel soon and I may take the iPad with smartcover unless I can rig up some kind of protection for the 10 :).
  3. twane

    twane Well-Known Member

    I went everywhere today looking for a case nothing
  4. dberthia

    dberthia Well-Known Member

    I've also been seeing some restarts. Hopefully they can fix with some updates.
  5. akingsfan

    akingsfan Member

    Reading magazines is a less-than-pleasant experience. I downloaded the free magazines that came with the Nexus 10 from Google Play Magazines, and it was extremely choppy. One magazine downloaded with only a couple minor hicups, but the other kept saying, "fetching content", and wouldn't move past that. The one magazine that did download was not fluid to read. When I turned pages, I was met with blank screens for a couple of seconds while the page loaded. This is something that my partner's ipad does flawlessly. My partner subscribes digitally to dozens of car magazines, and he downloads them and reads them flawlessly on his ipad. The Nexus 10 is definitely not as fluid as the ipad in this regard. I'm glad Google added a couple of freebies to try out before I downloaded my subscriptions to my Nexus 10.

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