Good Bookmark/Favorites app?

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  1. Droid421

    Droid421 Active Member

    I have yet to find a good Bookmark/Favorites widget. I have tried all the ones in the market that I can find and haven't found one with all the features I am looking for in a single app. Anyone know of a good one or working on one?

    Basically I am looking for one that can do the following:

    -show bookmarks in list form (icons take up a lot of room)
    -allow editing of names and tags- AND have the changes take effect in the native browser
    -have an entry in the program list (not just a widget or browser integration) so that a shortcut can be placed in a folder instead of just on the home screen
    -import/export compatable with Firefox

    If you don't know of one, feel free to add to the list of features incase any devs decide to take on the project.

  2. Chugworth

    Chugworth Well-Known Member

    I recommend syncing your bookmarks through Xmarks. They offer a sync extension for Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari. You can then create a shortcut on your Android home screen which opens the Xmarks iPhone page. Just one tap and you'll see a neat listing of all your bookmarks. The extension also allows you to specify certain folders to not be synced.

    By the way, it seems like Google may be moving away from their Google Bookmarks service. The newer releases of Chrome offer bookmark sync, but it stores the bookmarks in Google Docs instead of Google Bookmarks. I suspect this was done with Chrome OS in mind. In the future they will probably use Google Docs as a storage location for other information and settings. Hopefully they'll make Android take advantage of this also.

    I see you are also looking for a way to modify bookmarks from your mobile device. Xmarks can do this, but just not as convenient. Just scroll down to the bottom of the mobile page and switch to "classic" view.
  3. Droid421

    Droid421 Active Member

    I already use Xmarks on my computers so this would be a good work-around, but I have tons of favorites in xMarks that I will never need/use on my phone. I could make a separate account but I think this in a little cumbersome and that the right app could really streamline the process. Also, I have several folders on my home screen and don't like taking up an icon space for one app/shortcut. I would like a program that opens up to all my bookmarks that I can have an icon for in one of the folders. The native desktop doesn't let you put a folder inside another folder so it would have to be a program. I know there are other home screen managers that may get around this but I'm happy with the native one and installing a new one for this one thing just isn't reasonable. I may be asking for a lot but this phone is capable of so much that settling for a work around is a little unreasonable too. I'll just have to wait for a good dev to make a better bookmark app!

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