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  1. Crosley123

    Crosley123 Well-Known Member

    First, my apologies in advance. I know there are a zillion threads here on Note 3 cases.

    Wife has to leave town unexpectedly in a few days and I need a Note 3 case for her ASAP. Really do not want to buy a cheap one then another one later. Was holding out for Otterbox (my favorite) but no cases available anytime soon. I know nothing of the other cases or screen protectors.

    Recommendations on brands/cases I can buy today? She needs one that can survive her purse (don't get me started on that...) and the once-a-year drop on the floor.


  2. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Well-Known Member

    Ballistic is a good case
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  3. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    Everything available NOW for over $10 is JUNK. I too await Otterbox to release a QUALITY case. In the meantime I purchased a $10 TPU on Amazon. DIZTRONIC TPU.
  4. rcaine

    rcaine Well-Known Member

    Just got my email alert from Otterbox that they are now available in "limited quantity".
  5. ecopower04

    ecopower04 Member

    I have a spigen slim armor and it is a really nice case. My previous phone I had just about every otterbox available for it ( defender, commuter, reflex, and the preflex) ... It's on par with the commuter it will def hold up on a road trip. Way better then a standard TPU case and it was less then 20.00

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