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  1. Subhankar

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    Aug 7, 2012
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    Actually I have played some 3d games on this phone like raging thunder,destroy gunners and even dead space :) but need more games......

    The problem is I have bricked previous phone and can't take the risk of rooting a new one :( .

    Can anyone please give some name of games playable on A50? And better if you give the version because I have seen Temple run on A50 but only one version others don't work

    BTW thanks in advance.....:D

  2. Subhankar

    Subhankar New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 7, 2012
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    Over time I have found out that there are some games that are normally marked unsupported but in some cases (even the games marked unsupported by google play) is playable without LAG!!!

    so I am going to start making a list of games(with a little bit more graphics than cut the rope :cool:) playable on this particular device(but don't expext me to add games like angry birds,Who even plays angry birds anyway? :flute:)

    1.Zombie Highway
    2.Zombie Frontier
    3.Zombie Road
    5.Backbreaker 2:Vengence
    6.Army Sniper
    7.Battle for Rebirth
    8.Canon Legends
    9.Dark Area
    10.Dark Summoner
    11.Fighting Tiger-Liberal
    12.Fast racing 3D
    13.Final Defence
    14.Gun and Blood
    15.Homeun Battle(3D and 2)
    16.Hungry Shark(ALL OF THEM!!)
    17.Maximus Discuss
    18.Mushroom Age:Time adventure
    19.Mushroom Garden(also seasons)
    21.Panda ran(temple run rip-off with some weird transformation)
    22.Paris must be destroyed(one of my fav-try it out!!)
    23.Pocket legends(unbelievably runs super smooth)
    24.Reckless racing(though the second one is unsupported)
    25.Tigers of the pacific(both 1 and 2)
    26.All Storm8 games works properly
    27.Wave blazer
    28.Wings of steel
    29.Zombie smash

    Some of these will be shown unsupported in google play or completely hidden when searching from mobile,but try downloading from other mirrors.Also reply if you are trying to download from because it's blocked in India :(

    Later I will add some more..

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