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  1. Inkybro

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    Looking for any valuable learning resources for the Android platform. Tutorials, articles, and especially any videos. Anything you find of value and would highly recommend, I'm interested in seeing.

    I have little Android experience but much coding experience. As a result, newbie resources would be nice, but most definitely do not let that hinder you from posting more advanced stuff. I will understand it, at LEAST in theory.


  2. katierosy

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    as far as books the best one i've seen in the many android books out there is "Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours" Its current teaching (2.1) not the 1.xx like the others and also understands you might not know Jack about java! Also if you wish to pick up java just to have a better support/understanding get "Sams Teach Yourself Android Java in 24 Hours"
  10. telltera

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    What about books on Android Internals? As in how the platform framework was idealized and coded?
  11. hamldreza

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    what is the staring point in developing app for Android? I have some experience with Java programming from university courses.
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    Hi All,

    Are there any good websites recommanded?

  14. paul72

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    I have been reading the book Android Wireless Application Development. It seems to be a pretty comprehensive overview of Android. It also comes with a cd that includes sample code and several demo applications. I wouldn't say its the end all be all, but it is a starting point.

    I'm very new to Android myself so that's my $.02
  15. zeldan

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    Just start making own knowledgebase with sources on Google Code
    Jazz with Android
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    Hi,I have some books(PDF), maybe helpful, you can send to me,, I will send to you
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    You may want to remove your email and ask that people PM you instead so you dont get hit by spam. :)

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