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  1. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    I now have my acer iconia a500 for over a year and wanted to give it a make-over (it feels like having a new tablet that way :p).

    I downloaded go launcher hd and I finally have homescreen that Im happy with. Now I would like a nice looking lockscreen, but unfortunately there are nu lockscreens with go launcher hd.

    So Im searching for an other app which supports lockscreens which will look good on a tablet. I was thinking about widgetlocker, but in their description they dont say a word about the support for tablets. Does it support tablets and is it worth its price?

    Are there maybe other good alternatives available?


  2. jjrx3

    jjrx3 Well-Known Member

    well i have widget locker both on my phone and my nexus 7. I would say it was worth the money because i really wanted an ICS/JB themed lock screen. I tried the app for less than 15 min and loved it so i decided to keep it. :)
  3. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    I bought it, but after 5 minutes of testing it out it began flashing and crashed. I couldnt start it up again, so i did a refund.

    Is it always this unstable, or was I just unlucky? :p

    Im first going to read some guides and stuff and maybe Ill buy it again later.
  4. jjrx3

    jjrx3 Well-Known Member

    never. Sometimes i've encountered a double lockscreen but no crashing.

    try reading the reviews for your device on the play store.

    you can also try GO Locker is you are using go launcher. (in my experience go locker has not been good but some people love it)
  5. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    Go locker is not compatible with go launcher hd, only with go launcher ex.

    Ill just give widgetlocker another go :)
  6. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    I bought it again and now it works.

    Im now also using it on my samsung galaxy s advance, what an amazing app.
  7. jjrx3

    jjrx3 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I always thought that it was not worth the money but once i decided to buy it it was the best buy i have done. Take a looks at the Widget locker themes thread to find inspiration or head to XDA for different themes!
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  8. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I installed a couple of their themes. It took me 3 hours to read 200 of the 500+ pages :p but still worth the time, I love my new lockscreen.
  9. jjrx3

    jjrx3 Well-Known Member

    cool. when you finish setting it up post it on the forum. i'd love to see it :)
  10. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    Here is what I have so far, but Im still looking for a better slider in the xda-forums. I have found some, but still not exactly what Im looking for.

    I use a clockwidget, but can't remember the name and the weather and battery indicator is from the Simiclock widget.

    The device locked symbol is from the xdaforums.

    If I slide to the left camera zoom fx opens and to the right unlocks the phone.


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