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Good News! Wireless Tether Is Now Infrastructure

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  1. Guitar4him

    Guitar4him Well-Known Member

    The Wireless Tether for Root Users has just been updated and now works in infrastructure mode instead of ad-hoc.....at least it does on my Droid X. I did the update on a Samsung Fascinate and it still runs in ad-hoc mode. I guess the success of infrastructure mode is dependent on which phone you run it on.

    Anyway, this means that doing the WPA_suplicant replacement on the Galaxy Tab won't be needed if your phone supports the new tether version.

    BTW...if you've been using the previous (ad-hoc) version of Wireless Tether with your Tab or laptop, you'll have to re-configure the connection.

    Droid X
    Samsung Galaxy Tab

  2. roth140

    roth140 Active Member

    The update for my rooted eris didnt seem to change the ad-hoc. I can still connect my tab since changing the wpa file. The tab still "sees" the eris as ad-hoc.

    It would have been awesome if the update changed my eris :/ but it did say it supported some HTC devices for infrastructure.
  3. Upright

    Upright Well-Known Member

    Yup,...same for the EVO...infrastructure mode now allows me to tether my Galaxy Tab. However I have a friend using one of the Galaxy S phones and he cannot seem to tether his "bargin priced" resistive screen Android tablet using the WiFi tether app. So its like Ken said...it depends on the phone.
  4. Djidea

    Djidea Well-Known Member

    I have a Samsung Vibrant Rooted with the latest wifi tether 2.0.6 app for root user. When I turn on the wifi tether, my netbook and iPod touch can connect but my Velocity Micro Cruz T103 tablet cant connect. It seems like all Android devices cant see the wifi my Vibrant puts out. How can I fix that?
  5. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    Is there a simpler way to do this? Idk y'all have me lost!
  6. Djidea

    Djidea Well-Known Member

    Well I got the froyo update for my Samsung vibrant yesterday and it has built in mobile AP. Now all my devices can connect to my phone.
  7. Dano23

    Dano23 New Member

    what about the Samsung Galaxy Prevail? has it been upgraded from adhoc to infrastructure?
  8. JDWired

    JDWired Active Member

    Not at this time. Still waiting.
  9. trentpreston

    trentpreston New Member

    You can go to google and type in android wifi tether and download the lastest verison. After installing, open the apk and go to menu then to setting. Click on change device profile and chose your phone. Then click on change setup method and chose netd(master). Close out and start the tether this will crease a mobile access point that is not adhoc and your tablet should be able to see and connect to it.
  10. tjonline1991

    tjonline1991 Well-Known Member

    I have a question. What if your phone sends out the infrastracute signal, you can connect to it, BUT it wont let you connect to the internet. No matter what option I choose the upload and download speeds remain 0.0 Even when the "Blue Tethering Icon" pops up and I press the "portable wifi hotspot" option it gives me an "error". What am I doing wrong?
  11. guuzendesu

    guuzendesu Member

    Hey guys! Good news and bad news (for me, at least). I got my Galaxy Prevail to provide internet to my UNROOTED Galaxy Tab 10.1 ICS. To do it, I fiddled with the settings in the "WiFi Tether" program mentioned above. I checked to see if the Prevail was on the list of phones, and it wasn't. But then I figured well, maybe one of the other phone configurations will make it work... So I tried a few, and after many attempts, the Samsung Fascinate profile actually let me provide service to my GT!!! :D ... Then I found out the bad news: that program was actually changing the interior workings of my phone. Now I can't access wifi on my phone! D: For me that's not a big loss, as the only time I ever used it was when I was downloading a somewhat large program at home. I'm more than happy just being able to supply internet access to my tablet! THAT ROCKS!!! Anyway, if anyone has an easy way to restore my phone's wifi, I'd appreciate it. If it's not easy, then I'm not worried about it. I hope someone gets something out of this. I DID! Thank you all for a great site!
  12. guuzendesu

    guuzendesu Member

    Further update... My phone crashed & rebooted at one point, and when it came back up, the changes made to it were gone. I could use wifi again. :) BUT... now it's also not letting me give net to the GT. I guess it's going to be a while of trial and error to figure out the steps necessary to make it able to provide access. I hate this kind of stuff. lol
    Ok, one last update then I'm done. Now, the tether's working on Samsung Droid Charge. I think you just have to try a couple of different Samsung phones, and somehow the changes in settings makes it work. Maybe they have a fight, and while they're arguing, the connection slips through. I don't know. Anyway, hope this helps other Prevail owners. Good luck.
    Oh and one last thing: the program I'm using might not be the same one. The name in the "play store" is "WiFi Tether for Root Users". Installed, it's just "WiFi Tether". Happy tethering!

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