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Good phone?General

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  1. rogue780

    rogue780 Active Member

    I saw this phone on daily steals today, and my wife has been having trouble with her Captivate which I believe are hardware related. What do you say about this phone? Is it decent? I see a lot of people wanting to downgrade to 2.2, etc, and can't figure out why. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

  2. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    if your budget is 10k and below then go for LG optimus one or micromax a70 or Samsung galaxy pop or Samsung galaxy y.
    If you want performance, then go for galaxy y
    If you want features, then go for micromax a70.
    I can give you pros and cons of both handsets if you want.
    I am using micromax a70 and its very nice.
  3. chejetikoti

    chejetikoti Member

    samsung galaxy y is the best one under 10k
    and dont go for micromaxA70 its sucks
    galaxy y really amazing phone
    those people want to downgrade and upgrade its not a matter its all personal interest galaxy y wich comes with 2.3.5 its really good
    finelly do want you want money is yours. i suggest galaxy y
  4. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    I can tell you more than 5 pros of a70 over y.
    1) 5MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera whereas galaxy y just have 3.1 rear camera lol...
    2) 3.2 inch screen whereas galaxy just have 2.8 or 3.0
    3) screen resolution is 320*480 whereas galaxy just has 240*320
    A70 can play all games.no need of chainfire nothing.
    4) Adobe flash player supported
    5) Adreno 200 GPU for better gaming
    6) Quadrant score of 1065 inspite of having 600Mhz CPU.
    7) Battery of 1450mAh whereas galaxy has lower battery life.
    1)600Mhz CPU whereas galaxy has 800Mhz(we might overclock out device to 1GHz or more as soon as kernel source of a70 is release.)
    2) Froyo 2.2 whereas galaxy y had 2.3
    (I am personally on my way to port gingerbread on a70 we might be lucky soon)
    So galaxy y cannot challenge a70 at all
    I will tell you more.
    Let me get some more info about galaxy y
  5. chejetikoti

    chejetikoti Member

    what you do about all featurs wiyh out prossesing speed
    and main thing is brand name
    WHAT YOU DO WITH 3.2 inch display with out clarity
    galaxy play all videos with out flash player with movies defauil feater
    and its looks really great and amazing
    for say A70 5mp camera but its worst than 1.3mp
    what you do with front camera with out video call fecility
    micromax its work on luck
    all micromax as some bugs
    with out bugs youget it then you really lucky
    most of is data usage its really very better than A70
    however you have A70 then i wish all the best
  6. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    I agree with processing speed but let micromax release kernel source then handset is gonna show true color.
    And let me tell you that micromax screen density is 180ppi and galaxy y has 132ppi and I have seen galaxy y and I have operated it and the screen is extremely dull and nothing can be seen in the sun light whereas in a70 its brighter and clear and sharp.
    The main thing that determines screen clarity is resolution and pixel density which is greater in case of a70.
    each phone can play videos from YouTube using default player but its limited upto YouTube only.
    Can your device play flash games on ibibo, Facebook....
    Can it play videos from metacafe.com
    I know your answer is no.
    Do you know we can do that on our devices.
    What do you know about camera of a70?
    Its simply awesome.
    Its very embarrassing that you compare it with the rubbish 1.3MP resolution.
    And let me tell you that we have made video calls using fring, Yahoo messenger successfully.
    Were you all were able to do that ????????
    I know answer is no.
    Prove how galaxy is better than a70 in case of data usage.
  7. chejetikoti

    chejetikoti Member

    what ever micromax give the equations its all false.
    they say its screen destiny was 188ppi but its give worst than 132ppi
    even chaina brands or better than micromax.
    and dont say expect its dull screen first use galaxy y
    then you realise what its
    you saying galaxy y not able to play videos on other site?/?
    here i got you that you dont know about galaxy y
    ofcourse iam playing metacafe and facebook videos also
    no body play online flash videos on phone if u want there is option to install chainfire and and also we can use silver lite to play flash
    already iam making video calls trough Tango
    you are trying to saying all about android. what about handset hardware?
    how you trying to defeet samsung with micromax???
    micromax????? its very poor hardware
    you cant able to use this long time

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