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Good quality cases and coversTips

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  1. iKevvin

    iKevvin Member

    Hey I just got my ace 2 two days ago and I love it! But I have a problem on my hand, I don't want to scratch it I have looked on eBay and Amazon and they all seem cheesy, tacky or are for the ace 1. Does anyone know where to get good quality cases and screen protectors?
    P.S I live in the U.K if that helps :)

  2. rikxzdjz

    rikxzdjz Member

  3. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    best selection is definitely on eBay! I got a nice (real) leather pouch with a pull-out tab for the Ace 2 (pouch is same for Ace 1 & 2) for
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  4. iKevvin

    iKevvin Member


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